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Overland Park, KS


Shoulder Pain Chiropractic in Overland Park, KS

Most people don't realize how often they use a particular muscle group until they hobbled by pain. At Natural Way Chiropractic, we work to treat shoulder injuries and mobility issues in a modern facility located in the heart of Overland Park, KS. Our shoulder pain chiropractic care may help you live a life that's free of pain.

We'll provide you with a free consultation, during which we'll strive to determine the source of your discomfort. Your exam may include a low-dose X-ray. As we work together, we'll keep your comfort level in mind and answer any questions you have about your treatment plan. We also offer:

  • Flexible appointment times, include evening sessions
  • Payment plans to make care more affordable
  • Treatment from an award-winning doctor

Natural Way Chiropractic offers high-quality shoulder pain chiropractic treatments. Call our friendly staff today to set an appointment at our Overland Park office. We'll work hard to eliminate your pain and provide tips to possibly avoid such issues in the future.